A life lived in contrast:

I was looking at my schedule this week and realized how silly it looks when it is put down on paper and all in one place.  Is it possible that I am really going to a seminar on the foreclosure crisis in Detroit the same week as I am fighting with City Hall in St. Clair Shore to be allowed to build a new house in the style that I want to?  What about the fact that I went to not one but two Democratic Club meetings on Tuesday and will be headed to a bastion of debauchery (from what I hear) on Friday?    I go crazy if I am not on a plane or on the road in a 10-14 day span and yet there is nothing more pleasurable than being in the moment and enjoying a drink out by the water with a friend while dinner is marinating in herbs from my garden getting ready for the barbeque and it will be accompanied entirely by little gourmet salads and sides plucked from my tiny garden and followed up by a bowl of strawberries and blue berries with a bit of cognac brought back from the region of Cognac in France.   I guess the conclusion for me … at this moment, is I am living in contrast and truly enjoying each and every experience.

Road NotesChristin