A Magical Night Above a Beach in Sicily

Four days ago, I did another 26-hour travel day to arrive in Palermo Italy. I arrived in the dark but WITH my luggage, which is better than 60% of our team. The housing for the regatta (a cruise ship) wasn't scheduled to arrive yet so we were in a hotel. Of course it was dark so I couldn't see much but when I woke up I realized it is naturally beautiful here. The next night after work we got home just in time to see the sun approaching the water and take some pictures from my room.

Yvonne (logistics) and Denise (chef) and I went about 50 yards away to a bar and pulled up plastic chairs down an alley between the bar and a house and watched the day turn to night above a rocky beach with wonderful crash, rumble, hiss of the waves rolling the rocks and polishing blocks of marble that happened to be there. After 3 drinks it was time to go to the restaurant next to the bar where we had 'spaghetti'. Our question: "Any salads?" Answer: "NO Spaghetti" - welcome to Italy :-)

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