A week in the Northwest

The last week was an amazing and REAL holiday with Steve. I arrived on Saturday and we had a ‘normal’ life for Sunday through Wednesday. I was able to ‘ease myself’ off of work only on the computer for 8 hours on Monday and 4 on Tuesday and less than an hour on Wednesday! That was in part because I was VERY busy trying to work out (have to stay on the Areva Challenge Schedule), clean the house, and do laundry – (I was so busy in Spain that I had traveled with a suitcase of dirty clothing) get packed (Steve said it was the 1st time anyone had ever packed for him since he was about 12) and do “US centric errands” like going to the public notary. To add to the list was – try to find the owner of a lost puppy.

Steve and I had been walking our dogs the night before and there was a lost and timid stray pit bull puppy. He was very sweet but three dogs are too much and he is a pit bull – which shouldn’t be in a house with other animals. He also disturbed the natural dominance of our home – note him on Kota’s bed WITH Josh’s bone!

Anyway – we made up flyers and walked “puppy” around the neighborhood and offered to get him neutered to anyone who wanted him. No callers but the good news is that he found a home through Dan, Steve’s housemate.


We got to Seaside Oregon late on Wednesday night and spent the morning – shopping …. Well Steve shopped and I bought – how does that work!? ? We also had time on the beach - bench in front of our hotel to have an afternoon snack on Thursday.



That evening was Steve’s Dad’s 80th birthday. We also celebrated his parent’s anniversary. After a great and fun dinner Steve and I took a long walk down the beach and took these pictures as we watched the sun set.

Have to get on the plane back to Europe - more when i have time.