Awesome New School

On Monday I was invited to the 'net cutting' for the New York Harbor School.  This is an amazing school that supporter Mercedes Tech and a friend of mine, Hannah Swett are on the board of. The school, located in an old Coast Guard Hospital on Governor's Island is super cool. (yes I regressed back to high school lingo)  From the oyster farm on the landing dock to the aquarium in the entry which holds only native Hudson River fish to the wave patterns on the wall and the recycled tiles on the floor.  All cool!

A partnership with the EPA as well as cutting edge green technology provide hands-on training in organic gardening, hydroponic plant growing and fish farming.  Everything is composted and recycled and reused.  The students get training in marine sciences and technology and shipbuilding.  They also have extensive opportunities for on the water training.

It has taken dedicated teachers, parents, administrators, politicians, donors and volunteers seven years to get to this point but looking into the eyes of the students every challenge in these years was worth it.

I have worked with a lot of kids in this age range and it is seldom that you see so many completely engaged and participating.

New York Harbor School

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