Burning Man

This Labor Day Weekend I will be doing something new and different for me.  I'll be attending the Burning Man Festival.  It has been likened by some as a counter culture excuse to get dirty in the desert to a ritual and life passage to something that everyone person MUST do at least once in their life and likened to the Louvre and the Eiffel Tour. These are a few pictures that I borrowed from a friend - he was one of the 44,000 people who attended last year and I hope to be able to find him up there this year.


You can see more info at: Official Site

I figure that I basically try anything once - including skydiving and bungee jumping and eating ducks feet in China so - why not.  This temporary community is set up every year in the desert about 140 miles from anywhere and the community is built on sharing and commerce is rejected except that sharing is encouraged.  Often people set up small 'villages' in the community and provide gifts to the others.  Some make grilled cheese sandwiches.  others provide bloody marys for the very thirsty.  I figure that with all of the planning I have put into this my contribution will be a copy of my 5 page excel spread sheet for anyone planning on going.

Well for now - I am off tomorrow - no cell phone - no computer and ready for a new experience.