From the BVI in 90 degree weather to Michigan where I raked 8 big bags of leaves up just in time before it started snowing to California this last week where it has been 80 degrees... I guess you could say that I have been traveling the seasons!


It has all worked out well though as I have had a lot of meetings and there are great things happening with the waterfront activites and in frastructure in the Bay Area.  I also am able to practice agains Genny Tulloch for match racing. She and her team are headed to the USVI for a match race championship which I was supposed to go to with them but I now have a presentation in Washington DC with the Volvo so Sally Barkow is taking my place.

This weekend was just a 'clean up/catch up' weekend in California not a lot of party and a whole lot of sleep.   Perfect to rest up for the next 3 or 4 seasons in this week of travel.