Christmas in Spain

So Steve and the Dogs have arrived and are settling in well. The 1st week when the dogs were here BEFORE Steve was a bit complicated. I had a small outburst when one of the guys was commenting on my concerns the night before they arrived. “I have never been a single parent of dogs and I have NOT had 9 months to prepare!”

Tonight is Christmas Even and it is about 8:30pm and I am getting ready to start dinner. We decided to go with something different so will be making shrimp as a starter. Magret de Canard – Breast of Duck with a brandy apricot sauce and mustard sweet potato mash. We also have foie gras and little cheeses and a fresh cheese bread and Christmas flowers to be arranged don’t know if we need all of this or if I feel like it… but after my 1st gin and tonic, I am sure it will all come together easily ?

Today Steve and Katie and I walked around down and bought random things we needed – like a hack saw and a backpack and generally enjoyed the holiday chaos .. with a couple of stops for wine. When we got home a few minutes ago we had a bit of a panic as only Josh greeted us at the door. Turns out that Koda had locked himself in the bathroom – toilet was empty but he was fine – NO Christmas kisses for him tomorrow though!

I hope everyone else is having their own special/unique warm cozy and happy Christmas!