Clinton, Albright, Kennedy – AMAZING!

Last Thursday and Friday I was in NYC at the Final Winter Summit. The networking was very good and 1.7million dollars was raised but for me personally listening to the amount of intelligence at the podium was the best part. Hillary has collected an amazing group of supporters and advisors.

BILLIE JEAN KING and TERRY MCAULIFFE did a great job of playing off of each other to fire everyone up. I actually ran into Terry again at the airport and said as much.

MADELEINE ALBRIGHT was both smart and frank, as she was when we met her in New Zealand ( a long time ago ? ) She had just come back from Europe and had been in Israel and Russia and had up to date information that simply strengthened how urgent it is for us to try and repair what the current administration has done. We pray that it is not too late.

HILLARY was the most relaxed that I have seen her and did a great job of answering questions. Just in case you are thinking – sure it is easy when you are talking to supporters – trust me – this was a New York audience – and they asked TOUGH questions! She answered them thoughtfully and completely with facts and detailed plans.

ROBERT KENNEDY JR. might have been my favorite – probably because I had never really paid attention to him before. Here are some of the things I remembered off the top of my head:

The current administration has systematically appointed former lobbyist from the big corporations and industries who are responsible for the pollution … to the agencies who are supposed to be regulating the industries and keeping our public resources safe for all of us!

One is NOT supposed to put mercury into the air and the waterways – it poisons us! It was illegal until Bush came into office, dismissed the law suits against the plants involved in illegal activities and struck the law from the books. His campaign received $156 million dollars from this industry! Because of this:

This is the 1st year that Acid Rain has gone up in 36 years and it has gone up 4% which is significant!

Many women are giving birth to children with autism and reduced mental capacities. (you can get your levels checked at his web site:

49 of the 50 states have fish which should not be eaten because of mercury contamination the only one which doesn’t is Dick Cheney’s home state, Wyoming, because they refuse to test!

The Bush Administration got rid of the thing that we all grew up with. The airwaves belong to the people – thus they should be used fairly. If there needs to be a balanced representation of views. This is not longer the case. Hillary can and we believe will change this back.

Robert said 2 things that I wrote down when he was speaking of the fact that we have an unbalanced and entertainment driven media.

“We are the best entertained and the worst informed public in the world.”

He believes from his experience talking to all sides of the political debate and being warmly received that “80% of Republicans are just Democrats who are uninformed”

I felt my brain expanding and my hopes raising that we CAN bring America Back to where she should be. There will be a lot of work that is for sure but these very very smart people can help. If you want to donate you can always go to: