Coaching North and South

A large part of the Oakcliff Sailing Center program is centered around coaching and training.  Sessions are designed for various levels and intensity and so that everyone whether they live locally or across the country can benefit.  Those living locally will be able to take advantage of match racing drill sessions every Tuesday evening. Anyone, including those not in the region can participate in the larger regattas such as American Spring, Manhasset Bay Fall or the Long Island IRC championships at the many clinics run by Dave Perry. This component of Oakcliff Sailing came about in part because I have seen a significant up-tick in the interest of coaching around the world.  This is especially notable in the mid range keel boat classes.  I started doing coaching in conjunction with charitable events like the Leukemia Cup Regattas and then  about 3 years ago I received a call from a guy named Stan who happened to work at NASA and wanted some coaching for the St. Marteen Heineken Regatta.  I had such a great experience with them that I did more and more coaching for teams and fleets across the country and now three years later I’m once again headed South to the Caribbean with ‘Stan’s Team’.

If anyone is interested in putting together their own coaching plan you are welcome to check out or email me.. I’ll get back to you March 9th when I return.

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