Cross Country to X Games

Last month it suddenly made sense to drive my sister's new car from Detroit to San Francisco with a pit stop in Aspen to hang with such Leach (Sailor bow chick) and Jed Drake (ESPN and Suzy's husband).

I was lucky in that it was sunny and beautiful almost all or the way. I had a surprisingly good salad in Kearney Nebraska - where i learned that you can ski... on a 200 foot drop at a local golf course. The next stop was in Aspen where the skiing was AMAZING.. and the people watching was ... almost indescribable -

The prettiest part of the drive was near Moab. I took these pictures out of the sunroof as I was trying to beat a storm in Reno... didn't succeed but the good news is in Dana's Audi Quattro I was able to make it through the snow at least 5 miles an hour faster than most of the traffic... DOUBLE their speed!... Yes I was driving at 10mph :-)