FINALLY - Judge says - GO SAILING!

The ruling came down today from the NY Supreme court.  It basically says:  what we said before was correct and all of Alinghi's motions are denied.   When you read the full ruling you can see the frustration that the court has for Alinghi (SNG).   It is much the same frustration that the sailing world has developed with all of this back and forth.  

I have been keeping quite quiet on the whole front but this quote from Ernesto's friend and lawyer is just ridiculous.  It shows them as poor winners AND loosers!
"Following today's court order, Larry Ellison has eliminated the competition and gained access to the America's Cup Match, a feat BMW Oracle racing has never been able to achieve on the water."  Lucien Masmejan.
I know that some people wouldn't give Larry's motives the benefit of the doubt but let me be very clear - they stood up and took some bullets  for  - the whole sport.  The origional protocol and the past behavior of ACM was so poor and patently unfair that there was no way that it would have allowed for competition - it would only have provided for a 'show' that Ernesto could make money off of and allow him to continue in his hijacking of the America's Cup.
Glad I got that off of my chest!