Going to the Vet

This is from my mom: “Dawn called yesterday to tell me about her trip to the vets with Steve's 2 black dogs. They went for their yearly visit. Joshua is like Marmaduke - a square head and big paws - a big dog. Koda - short for Dakota, is a chunky black lab with beautiful brown eyes. Well, Dawn got to the vet and had quite a battle getting Joshua out of the truck and into the vet. He was very happy to get back into the truck!!! Dawn then took Koda's leash, well she kinda got it but Joshua had the leash and he wasn't going to give it to Dawn. No Way! Well, she got it and started to get Koda out of the truck when Joshua mounted Koda trying to hold him in the truck. 'There was no way Koda should go visit the vet, it was really bad in there....in dog communication.'