Happy Memorial Day!

Today my sole accomplishment was a great 2-hour workout and a nap.  Well to be fair I also worked for about 5 hours on the computer but in deference to the fact that it is a holiday I worked out on the deck.  It has been a busy weekend!

Saturday I raced on a Santana 27 out of Bayview.  We won in pretty tight and fun race which included a bit of match racing.    Sunday was a busy busy day!  Up at 7 and ready to go to the gym but I ended up doing more 'industrial gardening' and house cleaning instead.    Just before 12 I hopped on my bike - to march in the local parade.


I was marching with Commissioner Sarah Roberts who is running for the State House of Representatives.  The 'theme' for us was clean water - thus the dress with the fish, the fishing rod and net and in the parade I also had a BIG cardboard fish attached to the back of my bike which prompted one terrified kid to yell out to me.... There is a FIISSSSH chasing you!!!!  :-)
The parade moved very SLOWLY so it was almost 4pm by the time I got back to the house and the family was over.  We took advantage of living in a great place.  At the beach Emma made sand castles while Jack kept to the definition of a toddler.... toddling over to the water and falling over and sitting down in the sand and water ... and sand .. and water etc. etc. :-)

Todd  took the kids in the kayak and we tried fishing - but didn't catch anything so didn't have to touch them!  The evening finished with the locals on the beach around a bonfire on the beach.  It was so busy that I forgot to take any photos with people but Tami did and here are a few photos of my 'Weekend Playground'.

The 'Dock Chair' with the kayaking dock to the right. 

The sunniest part of the dock where I have planted a bunch of herbs and tomatoes and peppers and jalapenos  peppers and beans.
My patio/desk

The rest of the garden and a great place to read and nap.