House with our furniture

I have been in Michigan all week and it has allowed me time to help Steve finish up some little projects. Also thought I'd post the pictures with our furniture.... no the house didn't come furnished but over the years I have collected (and stored) a fair amount of stuff! :-)

The wide hallway is indeed quite useful.

We have Steve's Grandmother's table in the entrance way.

We introduced blue and 'nautical' things in what has become Steve's bathroom.

We haven't quite filled up all of the drawers but "Uncle Steve" has hidden candy in there - Emma figured it out.

The pot holder is strong enough for my Le Creuset collection - makes a lot more sense than having the world's heaviest pans on a sailboat!

My Grandmother's dining furniture fits like the house was designed for it.

The living room area is what we had in Tacoma, including Steve's mother's hutch as our bar area.

Outside is getting there.

Upstairs the offices and TV area are only missing the couch ... which is on backorder.

The guest room is ready

And behind this door is my ...

CLOSET! Thanks Charlie.

Steve re-arranged the bedroom and it is perfect - I lok out the window to the lake and see every sunrise.

AND - he still is a goof :-)