Ice Cream For All!

The team won a tough negotiation with the K-Challenge chef today. How? By winning two races!

Denise, our awesome chef drove a tough bargain when she was cornered in her 'kitchen container' by our British contingent with requests of ice cream for desert. She countered - if you win two races I'll give you ice cream.

The team had a good start and a tight first beat with +39 the local team and just before the leeward mark we hit a wave and the spinnaker exploded the call came for a 'samurai takedown'!@#@!# meaning that the spinnaker is cut away and left for the chaseboat to pick up. With +39 straight on our heels it seemed that it was going to be a disaster but theirs was bigger than ours. They shrimpped big time! spinnaker around the keel and all over the mark... Which the umpires didn't see by the way and they came to a virtual stop while our team recovered and went on to a big lead.

The next race was against the Chinese team that has a lot of the LeDefi team and equipment from last cup so in our minds, under stress, we have envisioned them as our 'arch enemies' even thought their boats are not that good and their team is 'learning'. Today was a different story. The start was awesome and the race was led by K-Challenge wire to wire!

Ice cream is not on the diet but today it was a bet well won!