Judging a Soup-Off

I was invited to be a judge at the ‘Soup Off’ at North Star Sail Club.  I became a member here when I was 13 and it was the club that we sailed under for the 2nd Round the World Race. I have to say the club hasn’t changed much.  That is a good thing.

It was a fun evening and a tough job to taste the 25 entries and some twice trying to narrow the field.  We ended up VERY full.

The winners

The people’s choice:  Chicken Pot Pie and it tasted uncannily like it’s name.

The judges selections:3rd Leek Potato Soup – Healthy and fresh with a lot of greens and herbs 2nd Cream of Chicken and Mushroom – the broth was very rich and creamy and the mushrooms were so fresh they melted in your mouth.  I found out that the chef also used rotisserie chicken which added a little something

1st Bean Soup – it was smoky and sweet.  A nice trio of beans with lots of honey baked ham added in just before serving.   The chef almost didn’t bring her soup because she wasn’t sure it was good enough.

Tonight’s weather was snow and um… more snow!  Which was appropriate because whenever there was a big snow storm and the schools were closed all of us Sea Scouts would somehow fine our way to the club. We’d bring our sleeping bags fire up the oven for pizza or cookies and spend the night in front of the fire.   Good memories.

To keep enjoying the snow tonight I took about a 45 minute walk down the street, onto the beach and then out onto the lake and back up the canal.  It was almost midnight and quiet and the snow was over a foot deep and still coming down.  All in all I feel like a kid again ?