Lake Davenport Sailing Club and Wesley Clark

Am at the HQ in Davenport. Last night I spoke to the Lake Davenport Sailing Club and it was a very interesting mix of sailing and politics. Great group of people. Today I am back at the reception desk and making calls and answering questions. Some of the answers:

No you don't need an invitation to caucus
You can caucus as long as you will be 18 by November 2, 2008
Yes we will drive you there - I'm taking 5 with walkers and wheelchairs
Yes EVERY person is important tonight
There will be snacks for Hillary Supporters at 6pm,the doors are closed at 7pm and you should be home by 9
And my favorite - yes uncle Red from Illinois can come as an observer but can not vote

Everyone is on the phones here including General Wesley Clark - (he is a lot younger looking in person)