Louis Vuitton Party

Just a quick note with some photos of the Louis Vuitton Party.  It was up on Bastion Point Mare which is a Maori meeting place.  We arrived and were welcomed by the elders and representatives of the teams responded.

After about a half hour we walked out on to the point where a Haka was in progress and the sun was setting making it really beautiful.

It was great to see friends - again a lot of old friends I haven't seen in a long time as they have stayed mostly in New Zealand.  The Moet flowed all night long and there was food circulating as well but I have to say I was so busy talking that I really didn't eat much and was very happy when I snagged an individual serving of fish and chips - of course wrapped in newspaper.

Not too much social as the days are really long here but I did go to dinner at Cameron and Nichole Appleton's house last night along with Mike Mottle and Peter Merrington and we had a really nice time catching up.