Mackinac to Harbor Springs

Harbor Springs is almost done and that will mean a week of hanging out with and sailing with the Nitemare team will have finished. I am exhausted and tomorrow when I am on the plane to Annapolis, I'll be missing them already. This is one of those 'special' teams - I could say that in a teasing way as 90% of the team's communication is delivered but I mean this sincerely.  The group that Tom Neill has pulled together over the years is tight, crazy, funny to the point of tears, good on the water, good on shore and somehow has developed a way of laughing through challenges and coming out on top.  There is a big one on the horizion but I know and hope the magic will continue some way.  One option was put out there ...Get a 70 foot RV, paint it red and powdercoat every piece of metal and go on a road trips.   I wonder if they need a driver :-).

Road NotesChristin