Magical Vila in Valencia

The Louis Vuitton Dinner two nights ago was absolutely amazing! I'll try to describe it but I didn't take any pictures. We were shuttled to a villa in a small, slightly inland area. It was in the middle of a huge orange orchard. We wound our way to an entrance where we got out and received our table assignments - mine was 'oregano'. Then we walked down a small road lined with torches, which were burning some kind of herbed oil. It was an amazing sent combined with the oranges. As we walked there were musicians. A flautist here and a sycle player there. And there were gypsies coming out of the orchard and flitting across the path. At first you weren't sure you saw them and then as you got closer to the end of the road they were more 'real' with one even being quite 'wanton'.

We arrived at the end of the road and found a private home where of course we had Moet and Chandon and some light hour'dourves They had a couple of men at tables slicing off paper thin slices of Serrano ham and some home made potato chips - all very light and simple and perfect with the champagne.

We mingled below the ancient trees and started to learn that this was a private house that was never rented out. Someone at Louis Vuitton had found the family and had convinced them to allow us to be there.

Dinner was served on a terrace - upon which LV had build a raised wooden floor and covered it with coco matting to make it even and warmer and to protect the sandstones. There was a black and white screen at the end of the terrace showing classic movies from the days of the beginning of LV as well as some black and white AC footage from Australia.

Dinner was a potato soup with essence of truffle, followed by a fillet mignon, which was encased in a wonton; desert was a pannacotta with essence of thyme. After dinner there was cognac and cigars but none for me :-)

They also opened their family church, which was in the middle of the home – it was spectacularly beautiful. Brilliant white walls, beautiful silver decoration and challis. They actively use this church which has about 5 pews on either side of the aisle and a very very small balcony

It was a magical magical evening - just as they planned.