New Year's 2005







The rain that is washing Northern California away doesn’t seem to bother the professionals in Seattle area. Other than the tree days that it rained all the way up to 5000 feet elevation when my family was here looking for a ‘White Christmas” – it snowed and snowed and snowed up at Crystal Mountain.

We spent the whole week at Steve’s family’s log cabin. The dogs LOVED it and now on Monday, back in Tacoma – they are asleep! Yeah! ?

New Years was pretty magical. We called up to the mountain and found out that they were having fireworks at 9pm. We walked up to the hill in a light snowstorm and the fireworks were amazing the way they lit up the sky and reflected off of the snow. I tried to capture this on disc… but after about 50 tries – this is the best I could do.

After the fireworks we went to the bar known as the ‘Snorting Elk’ but which we affectionately call several variations including, the “Wheezing Cow”, or the “Groaning Moose” ? Steve and I got a drink and were standing near a table that was ‘reserved’ with various party accoutrements’. We were watching the Warren Miller films on the television when the party returned and all of the sudden I heard my name – Libby McKee who was with her husband Jonathon from Prada and Morgan Larsen and a bunch of other sailors were the ones who had reserved the table. 2006 start with a reconfirmation that it is a VERY SMALL WORLD!

Now it is back to the office – strategizing for the next year. It is a good think I like to make ‘to do lists’ ? Onward and Upwards…. 06 needs to be a good year for all of us.

Happy New Year!