New York Apartment

I am working with a new project out in New York and have rented an apartment  in Huntington New York so I will have an East Coast base.  I have had some of my San Francisco things shipped from off of the boat as well as packed my Ford Escape Hybrid to the gills with clothing and a table and  chairs etc. on New Year's Eve and drove out on New Year's Day. The apartment is above a Sausage Factory.... yes I do write the rent checks out to "Mr. Sausage".

My Landlords - I'm the upstairs windows.

G-ma Jeanne's table and chairs

No electricity for the 1st 5 days but now have TV & Internet & Electricity - just need a couch so I can have visitors.


A cute kitchen and the photo of Jack & Emma makes it homey.

Tiny but functional bathroomm.

A tiny but functional bathroom.

A NICE big deck off of the apartment.

There is a nice big deck off of the kitchen.  I need to get a BBQ for the summer, although I'm in the heart of Huntington, the 'happening' town on Long Island and have seen many of the establishments.  One in particular is 1 block away - Bin 56 - a Wine and Martini Bar that serves Tapas.  Excellent!