Nitemare in Detroit

Team Nitemare descended on Detroit last weekend ... and it was great fun!  Kevin D'Aprile came in on Friday and I was able to introduce him to the street as well as the Beach Grill.  We rode our bikes so I figure that we were able to burn at least 1/5 of the calories of the Mai Tai :-).

Kevin at the Beach Grill

Saturday the troops started arriving and many of them came to my house for a warm up kielbasa and salad, oh and a beer or two.   We all found a shower and cleaned up and then headed to Bayview Yacht Club for dinner, awards and a hummer.

Amy and the Nitemare Team with the Silver

The club did a nice tribute to Tom and it was hard not to get choked up and reminded me how recent his passing was. And all through the weekend we were reminded once again of what a fun / crazy / witty group of people Tom and Amy collected.

Jack dancing - there was no music

Did I mention unique :-)

Sunday was recovery brunch at my house with family and neighbors joining in before most went back to Chicago, although Gary stuck around and we hitched a ride with my brother Todd's boat up to Mom & Charlie's house for Charlie's birthday dinner.

Gary onboard Mystic

Overall an exciting, fun and exhausting weekend that I wouldn't trade for anything.

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