Productive, Fun and Crazy Weekend…

It was a productive, fun and crazy weekend, in that order.  I negotiated with my boss, myself, to trade Friday off for Sunday working. Friday was scheduled for industrial gardening. I knew it was going to be a big task to get the veggie area created so I skipped the gym.

The idea of the garden evolved.  First of all I found out that I need a variance approval that I didn’t expect so I have a 5 week delay before I can pour the foundation for the new house.  I figured I may as well make the land work for me and plant a veggie garden.  My Mom mentioned that it would be a great opportunity for my niece and nephew Emma and Jack to ‘help me’ and learn.  We scheduled the time – noon on Friday and they picked out the items. Their list: Pumpkins, Strawberries, Cucumbers, and Tomatoes.  We added zucchini and beans.

So – 7am I headed over and clear off construction debris, 3 foot of grass and strip and till the soil on a 10’ x 12’ area thinking I’d get the sod stripped in a couple of house.   WRONG – at 12:30 I finally had the land cleared and ready for the compost, peat and topsoil to be mixed in and I had burned many many calories.  Mom was right – the kids had fun and got very dirty.

I finished at 6:30pm and had dinner with Tami, Emma, Jack, Jen, Jacob and Luke at Burger Pointe – a slice out of the 1950s followed by bike riding, bike crashing with the family and then a bonfire on the beach with my street.

Saturday began just as wholesome with a complete spring weeding and mulching of the other gardens on my property and then the day ‘evolved’ into some ‘less than wholesome activities’.

At about 4:00, my cousin picked me up on his 40’ Fountain with 3 outboards for a  very fast ride down the lake to raft with about 13 other powerboats.  The music was loud, the engines, big, the girls all hot and pole dancing ready and the guys were not so hot but absolutely enjoying the show.  It was like being in a kid rock video.   I was dressed way too conservative in shorts and a t-shirt and way over dressed.  As in I wasn’t wearing a string bikini.   I was however wearing the perfect accessory, sunglasses to be able to hide behind while I watched the guys watching the girls.  A soccer player/actor Vinnie Jones was one of the most fun to watch as he was ‘on’ and the man can sing John Lee Hooker’s Boom Boom Boom seemed to be he favorite.

So overall a very sugar and spice weekend … got to love variety... but no photos :-).