Sailing Etc. in Bermuda

So the results are quite surprising here in Bermuda at the Gold Cup as the top three teams in the World Tour have been eliminated before the Semi Finals.  We also were eliminated earlier than we had hoped but are making the best of it.  Here are a few pix of the team.  Unfortunately I borrowed a camera and obviously didn't get the exposure correct but at least it is something. Sally Barkow (L) Annie Lush (R)

Sally Barkow (Helm) and Annie Lush (main/tactics) discussing possible moves. These boats are very 'traditional' for match racing in terms of what you can and can not do tactically.  A lot of the boats on the circuit are more agile so you can get out of trouble a lot easier.  I think that is a part of the reason that the top guys were surprised.

This is the first time that I have done bow.  Renee Mehl who has sailed hundreds of times on the bow for me is very happy that I have done this and now understand a bit more how painful it can be.  I have a couple of 'great' bruises that you can't see due to the exposure but trust me they are there!

We were able to watch the racing from the bleachers set up at the end of the harbor.  Dobbs Davis does commentary from the VHF as an added bonus.  I helped him out for the afternoon on Thursday and while I was on the water commentating - Sally, Annie and Katie were on shore texting / heckling me.  One text was a request for an update on the scoring and a Beach Boys Song.  I could only honor one of the requests.  :-)

Today and tomorrow there is a 'festival of sail' put on by the Bermuda Sailing Association.  It is essentially a 'True Youth Day' which is cool because Deb Sullivan - the director of the BSA used to work with us at America True so it is full circle that I can help her out and try to get more of the local families to see the opportunities to get out on the water... as there is a LOT of beautiful water here!