Shopping, Eating and Drinking in Seville

Finally a month after our return I am finding a moment to post the last installment: We splurged and stayed at the Hotel Alfonso XIII - a 5 star hotel.

It was very nice, probably not worth the extra money but if the weather had been as bad as predicted we would have been very happy for these beautiful interior spaces.


The day that the weather wasn't very good we went SHOPPING :-) My mini skirt was a bit too chilly so boots became my mission. After about 30 pairs Steve lost his patience said - try these on, don't look at the price, are the comfortable? Yes? - THEN BUY THEM! Turns out he was right :-)


We also toured the bull ring museum. I will never watch a fight but it was interesting to learn the history. It became pretty obvious that throughout the years the bull fighters are treated like movie stars but with a more reckless sexy wild side as they COULD be killed at any time.


We just happened upon this little restaurant - Coral del Agua - which it turns out was touted in the lonely planet. The food was probably the best we have had in Spain - simple but fresh! After a leisurly lunch we walked all of 30 feet around the corner and decided to sit and have a drink - and we discovered Agua de Seville.

It was so good - and strong - that we got the recipe and made friends with the waiters who took our picture.


We took the sunset river cruise and it was really very nice although the only 'refreshment available' was beer out of a coke machine. Steve found this funny.

We also spent another night at the Flameco dancing show and...

then went to a very romantic dinner in an 18th centruy home with a huge courtyard and a 4 course extremely rich meal and since that was on Valentine's Day the waiter slipped Steve a rose to give to me. Smooooth :-)

Ou final day was spent in the park and at an 'exhibition park' built for the Hispanic World's Fair many years ago. Back when the 'stalls' were permanent and made out of beautiful tile.