So much for 14% Body Fat!

As someone pointed out I have not really been keeping the blog updated .. since May 22! Part of the reason is that now that we are not competiting we have plenty of time to accept all of the social invitations. It is exhausting doing all of the meet and greets and parties. I know tough life! Here is a quick snap shot of one day two weeks ago: Normal morning meetings, drive to Gandia for an International Gastronomic Festival and Fideua contest. Typical Spain – had to be there at 1:30 and were supposed to be back on our way at 3 at the latest… Instead we were served beer and wine until 3:30 and then things started by 6pm we were back in the van for our 45 minute drive to Valencia. I got onto the elliptical machine quickly for a 30 minute aerobic workout before it was time to go to eat again with a Areva Challenge dinner!