Thanksgiving Day Parade

Considering I have been working really long hours at my home office all week and pretty much lacked any human contact other than the gym, I decided I was going to ride  my bike to Fishbone's Bar last night.  It was 9pm and I was just about to get away from the computer to wrap up warm and ride the 2 miles to the bar when my neighbor Justin called.  He invited me to join the neighbors at his house for a drink... a 10 house walk trumped a 2 mile bike ride!    This street is so much fun! I still woke up early though and decided that just because no one else wanted to go to the parade with me  that didn't mean I couldn't go by myself.  I popped down to Woodward Ave.

I arrived just as the 1st band was in front of the TV grandstands and to get maximum value I decided to power walk up the parade route.

So about a 3 mile round trip powerwalk burned some calories in advance of the Turkey.  It was sunny and beautiful out and I was so impressed with how much revitilation there is in downtown.

Between the hopeful-beyond-all-logic Lion's Fans and the Parade viewers there was great energy - I am so glad that I went!

Now off to that Turkey.... Oh and Emma and Jack, I saw Santa at the Parade.  He was just doing a quick visit to Detroit to remind all of the kids that he is watching and you better be good for goodness sake.

And as he rode out of sight I heard him exclaim .. "Yep my reindeer's rock!" Seriously :-)!