The Volvo is here!

Probably more accurate to say - I am here in Boston where the Volvo Ocean Race has stopped over.  Today I walked through the village and ran into a bunch of people and I can't wait to see many more over the weekend.  Maria Bertrand who was my right hand in Valencia is here with Telefonica and Santi Cassonova our trainer with AREVA is now with Puma.  Both of them are working hard and as there is only a hop acorss the pond and a few short legs left they are looking forward to the end with mixxed emotions.  Great to finish the race but ... then what.  This is the life of a sailor! The PUMA boat in the photo is their training boat.  It is amazing how much different the last version is and the new version in terms of the hull shape and the beam!

The Volvo Stopover is a  Clean Regatta as certified by the organization: Sailors for the Sea.  I had lunch with the CEO and the Clean Regatta program manager and am very excited about the progress they have made.  I first learned about the program at the US SAILING NSPS in San Diego earlier this year and they are going full steam ahead.  To me it all makes sense - sailng is inherently a pure and green sport but we can do a lot more to imporve the environment that we all love to play in.

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