Thunder Bay and Porto Cervo

In the category of, my life isn’t half bad: I was in Thunder Bay Ontario last weekend sailing with some really fun people who also managed to raise over $54,000 for cancer research and then after a couple of plane rides, I arrived in Porto Cervo, Italy for the Perni Cup, as in Perini Navi – beautiful super yachts. In Thunder Bay we did 4 coaching sessions and a speech and a couple of races.  One of the organizer’s Mom also had been following my travels on Twitter and brought some beautiful local amethyst for me and my family.

Also I was lucky to get on a couple of good boats and we were able to win a few races.  A few photos are on the friends and family blog page of this web site.

Over to Porto Cervo – the boats are arriving and the sun is setting and the boys are staring to arrive;  Hartwell, Gavin, Josh, Roo, Eric Doyle, Joey, Winny, Rob, Ed Danby, Hutch etc. etc.  Will be a fun few days!  Thanks Bruce.

Road NotesChristin