Turkey Day

I wasn't sure i was goign to be able to have a Thanksgiving as we were so busy getting the christening ready - So I made an excel spreadsheet of all of the steps that had to be done in order to eat by 9pm. This included washing and stuffing the turkey at the base and putting it in the oven for an hour and a half in our kitchen on base.

Then I borrowed a van - it was all clean and ready for the VVIPs today so I had to be very careful. Jensi our logistics guy - the one I work out with who is a perpetual smart ass - told me to be careful - because you know how those turkeys are when the escape and run around in your car. For some reason I half believed that he has actually had a live turkey running around
his car before :-).

Anyway got home - poured the gin and tonic only 30 minutes behind schedule and made dinner:
Turkey and stuffing
Mashed potatoes
Gingered mashed sweet potatoes
Wild rice with sultanas (raisins :-) and dried apricots
Brussels Sprouts with burned butter and hazelnuts
VERY nice red wine made with no preservatives so no allergies.

Katie helped and spent the night and Denise our Chef came over - the candles
were lit and the table set - WITH centerpiece and we had a very nice relaxed
Thanksgiving Dinner.