WOW - Women on the Water Clinic 2009

The WOW Clinic at Bayview Yacht Club was a big success.  The coaches were a varied and talented group who spent time on the water and on shore bringing the participants skill levels up a big notch.  The conditions were near nuclear but we were able to get everyone out on the water for a few hours.  For many this was the 1st time on an Ultimate 20 and at least one team found out that the boats DO tip over :-). The participants were the real stars they showed up ready to learn and to race and to do both with intensity.  Butwith the wind topping out at 30 knots we spent the afternoon on shore with break-out sessions.  Each coach hosted a round table discussion and the sailors rotated through for some fun small group discussions.  Topics included:

Renee Mehl, safety officer at the US Naval Academy – Safety

Gretchen Bauermeister – 15 year old junior & 3 podiums on the Mackinac – advised the women on what junior sailing is really like.

Laurie “LuLu”  Bunn , local hot racer - talked about crew coordination

Lauren Knowles – coach and college sailor covered the nuances of boat contols like outhaul and halyard tension. Shannon Bush – racer & boat owner from Texas – went over the details of being a good ‘owner’ and all that it involves.

Our token male coach, Tim Proffitt talked tactics and IJ Debi Schoenherr schooled everyone on the rules.

Race committee work, tailing excercises, rigging spinnakers, and how NOT to ‘throw like a girl’ rounded out the day. Well from what I am told the sponsors – PAMA and Hypnotic drinks really rounded out the evening.

Training Videos are posted at:  and

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