4th Comes Early In The-D!

On Monday when I was driving back from Chicago I got a call from my cousin Brian "Lunchbox" Schaupeter asking if I wanted to go to the fireworks 'downtown'. It was only June 23rd.

Tonight it was St. Clair Shores's fireworks.  I rode my bike to friend and former County Commissioner Peggy Kennard's house. Who happens to live across from Sara Roberts' Father - Sarah is running for State House.  (if anyone wants more info call me)\

 I was the least senior by a chunk but it was fun to talk to people who could discuss the early compressed air vehicles in ..1910 - no they weren't there then :-) but they had worked on projects like the solar car race and had some good insights.


I rode my bike the 3 miles - keeping green - AND avoiding traffic and of course I had my G&T in my basket .. I think I need to get a better drink holder.  The only downside was that the fish flies WERE in force under the street lights.  I'll explain this unique D-troit phenomenon tommorow.

For now - Happy 4th of July .. D-Style.