Diane Turns 50!

Over the weekend Diane Wall celebrated her 50th birthday!  Unbelievable that by the calendar she is a half of a century - then again it is all a mental state.  The weekend was really a lot of fun.  We relaxed and then had a fun eclectic party on Saturday at her next door neighbors house.   We got a good nights sleep (important after a crazy 4th of July in Sausalito) and on Sunday we went kayaking from Mission Bay out onto the Ocean.  Later we had a great dinner in PB.  I have to say that while San Diego overall has changed a lot since the campaigns in 1992 and 1995 the Pacific Beach area seems to be very much the same.  Surfers and partiers and restaurants and buskers and basically a true beach lifestyle.      As soon as I have some photos I'll post them.  I hope everyone else had a great - fun - crazy and relaxing 4th of July weekend as well!