A busy July!

I am off to race the Mackinac Race with Tom Neill on Nitemare a Santa Cruz/Great Lakes 70.  If you have been reading this blog you will know that I have been lucky enough to know Tom, his wife Amy and their team for quite a few years and am very lucky for it!    I am looking forward to another good race.  Although it is going to be hard to top last year's magical puffs that helped us ghost past all of the other boats to finish 1st.

As you probably also know Tom is fighting lung cancer and defying all of the odds.  I can guarantee you it is largely because he has such a positive attitude and the team around him won't let him quit.   Friends are key to making this old life worthwhile aren't they? Well on that sentimental and unusual for me note :-)  I'll sign off and double check my duffel bag to make sure I have the proper gear for a race that should have a little bit of everything.