Just a note that this page of the site is for friends and family which allows me to write about just about anything and today it is a Ba...rd Bunny!  I was shocked when I went around the corner of my house and saw that all of the leaves and roses were gone off of my two 'very hardy' rose bushes.  I thought - Oh my I have killed them somehow! - upon closer inspection it seemed more like someone had decided they were tasty treats.  I know that we don't have deer in this area so I suspected that it might be a muskrat, a rat, a woodchuck, a raccoon and maybe - just maybe that 'cute' little bunny that I had seen a little while ago.  

My \'thriving\' waterside Vegie garden


Last night I got home from Mackinac and was going to try and go to the store at 9:30 to get some vegetables to make a salad and then I remembered that I HAVE a vegetable garden so I happily popped outside with my kitchen scissors and my tomatoes are starting to ripen but upon closer inspection there were little (bunny) bites out of many of the tomatoes - DOH!

I researched in the internet and it says that a spray of cayenne pepper solution should deter them so this morning I was making my shopping list to get the ingredients when I happened to glance outside and noticed that the little B..st..d Bunny had taken a jalapeno pepper from my garden and snacked on it ... on my cafe chair!  Now the big test is going to be -  if he likes jalapenos will he NOT like cayenne pepper!

I am feeling a bit like Elmer Fudd!