A Birthday Thank You

My birthday was really low key and sweet.  Starting with being ‘home sweet home’.    That meant that I could sleep in my own bed which I had left with clean sheets and fluffy pillows before I had gone out on the road.  Coffee while walking around the gardens at sunrise and looking at all of the maintenance that was needed was a great start to the day.  After about an hour of unpacking and getting sorted with mail and computers, I looked out the window and my Mom was weeding for me.  A GREAT birthday present.    I also opened some boxes that had arrived.  Sandra Welsh a long long time supporter had sent me a red sign  ‘gather’  and some red steel ants.   I unpacked and caught up with the laundry and then the doorbell rang and a guy delivered a very pretty bouquet of flowers from a very good friend Arne. Thanks!

A bit later my Mom and I headed out for a pedi mani.  My brother and sister in law Tami had given me a gift certificate – I had to get my toes done in the Tom Neill requested ‘ Nitemare Red’ in preparation for Harbor Springs in a bit over a week.   Unfortunately for the Nitemare team,  at this time, the boat was still out racing in the slowest Chicago Mac in recent history.  Mom and I had lunch at the Beach Grill and she helped me with errands as I went to the ENT doctor.  I found out that the play-by-play commentary in New Zealand in February followed by a lot of ‘high volume’ coaching over the past few months has resulted in a callous on my voice box.  I was instructed to speak quietly and will start voice therapy tomorrow so those of you whom I did not return your calls – this is the reason why.  If the only thing wearing out at age 45 is my voice I guess I am doing OK.

Grandma and Jack in deep discussion

We then headed to the Grosse Pointe Park park and pool to catch up with Tami and Emma and Jack and Kim and Blake and Haley and Cameron.  I wish I had brought MY swim suit but it was still fun.

Then back to my house for an impromptu cocktail party with the neighbors.

About 8pm everyone went home so I could rest my voice.

And I discovered that my Mom had left tuna pasta salad in my fridge and great and simple end to a really nice day.

So good night and hope you also had a great July 21st and thank you so much for your Birthday wishes!