House Update

I was cornered at the Shipyard in Newport RI from someone who wanted to know what was happening with the house.  OK Bruce didn't corner me :-) but I figure there are others who want to know what happened.  Well the night I flew here, my architect went to the city meeting to present my case.  I don't know what happened but they approved 9 other variances and did not approve mine.  He was confused, the city staff was confused, and I was horribly disappointed.  If I move the house to where they want it, it will not only block the only sunshine that my garden gets but also block the view of the house on the other side.  We decided that we will try to go for the variance again on the front of the lot and move the house one foot to the East so that this variance is not needed.  I sure hope that this is the last of the hurdles.  I am BUILDING a house in THIS economy, in MICHIGAN - you would think that people would be happy about that!