Abreviated "Tour de Friends"

A couple of years ago when I came home from Europe I did what I called a 'Tour de Friends'. Starting in Newport and then NYC and then Annapolis and then onto Detroit and San Francisco. This time it was more virtual but still nice to connect. I was in Newport RI for our Oakcliff Sailing Team and for the Melges 24/32 regatta that we sponsored. It was great to see a lot of people, ironically especially those from the midwest. At Zelda's I ran into Suzanna Grubb and Luigi's son Anderson of course. At the Candy Store, Chrissy Connet (aka wife of Spring Break) was having a late night snack.

This morning after Sue Reilly drove by in the parking lot, I headed across to Jamestown and stopped in and saw Meg Gaillard and her daughter Kate at Connaticut Yacht Club. Kris Farrar Stookey stop by with Hunt and their two kids on their way to the beach and just as I was getting ready to leave, Cory Sertl and her son were headed out onto the water.

I realized that I love Facebook and Twitter and web sites and blogs and Skype and how 'connected' we are to everyone around the world but after the past 24 hours I realized how NICE it is to actually connect with people. Face to Face or at LEAST over the phone so on the way to Suzy Leech's house in Conneticut I called and left a message or talked to quite a few people including Tim Woodhouse who was very happy to report that yesterday was day 100 after he second stem cell transplant. It is a very important milestone.

I am now at Suzy Leech's house with her daughter Nic who is 3 1/3 going on 10 and will be back to the crazy work pace tomorrow but what a nice, whirlwind, mini tour de friends!