America 3 Women re-Unite!

I'm in San Diego for a very quick 39 hour turn around trip to help celebrate the 1995 America 3 Women's Team.  It was an effort to squeeze the time away from Oakcliff Sailing Center but in the first hour after I arrived I realized it was worth it.  Last night I arrived at 9pm and went straight over to Fiddler's Green to join a casual dinner.  I was 'unserved' and the rest of the group was definitely 'served' and the stories had already started.  Anyone who has been to a team dinner with Bill Koch knows that there is a strong tradition of speeches.  Often you feel a little bit under pressure to say the right thing or make a good impression.  This evening it was all about remembering the crazy, funny, sometimes poignant but more often slightly embarrassing times of the past.    These stories were not for public consumption so you are just going to have to wait to catch me in a private moment to hear more of the good old 'sea stories' but I will state that I have stayed true to my belief that if there is a story that is true - I put my hand up and own it. :-)! Now we are off for some Dianiamal volleyball and swimming and games before we all reassemble at the San Diego Yacht Club for a more formal celebration. I'm sure there will be more speeches but I'm guessing a lot less of them will involve skinny dipping and / or jacuzzis :-0!


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