On shore at the Bucket

Now - on shore at the St. Barth’s Bucket....  I behaved myself - there were a lot of  old friends and their spouses and a lot of people who were very interested and excited about what we are doing at Oakcliff Sailing.  It was good spreading the word and networking.   I was awake each morning bright and early with the sun and to get work done and to make a trip to the local boulangerie for a “pain au chocolat et une café au lait.

The days  were long: we were at the docks in time for the competitors briefing at 8:30 and then off the dock at 10 for a start just after noon and then back and wash the boat down and chamois the shinny bits.  This would involve about 8 of us washing and polishing.  That would take us up to a beer and a shower and dinner and bed.  The poor people who's significant others were back home hardly had a moment to call them.

My wingmen ended up being charter boat captain Chris Callahan and Justin "Juggy" Clougher.  They were a lot of fun.  I have run in the same circles as Juggy forever but I don't think I've ever spent very much time talking to him. What a shame as Katie Pettibone says,  “he is one of the good ones.”  He and Chris were roomies at the same complex I was at and we ended up running as a pack… and laughing a lot.

On Sunday, after are great race, the boat stayed at anchor so we were off early and then had a few drinks and then shower and change and to the prize giving. That led to a bar where the owner's 'shtick' is definitely risqué!  He has a bevy of wooden ‘toys’ up in a basket on the bar which of course drunken boys can't help pulling out and taking funny photos with.   He took a liking to me and his antics had Peter “Grubby” Grub and Vincent Moeyersoms from America 3 encouraging him and laughing.

When that got old we headed to the sushi bar for a snack and then the Cubens joined us and before I knew it.... I was dancing on the table with Vincent.  The fact that I've been told I dance like Elaine on the Seinfield Show flashed through my mind when I saw people video taping me so I jumped down ... hopefully in time.

A bit later I was chatting with good friend Jerry Kirby’s son, Roam  as well as a bunch of guys around his age.  They are good kids and we were talking about sailing and the future and their futures and Oakcliff and I realized in yet another moment of clarity. “I should not be influencing the youth at 1:00 am after a few G&Ts – Time to go!”   Juggy and Chris were trying to help my love live by  - 'giving me away' for the evening.  So far no luck but  on the way out they surrounded a very tall Italian Cup sailor, Shannon Falcone and tried one more time.  The look on his face was priceless as in - what in the world are these two drunk guys babbling about :-).

We headed out and I convinced them to go to the beach which was at the end of our road and we hadn't even been to.  It was a beautiful full moon.  I  went straight to the waters edge.  Over to the right was kind of a big rock and it seemed out of place so I walked over to take a closer look.  The rock SNAPPED at me.  It was a huge turtle!  I jumped about 3 feet and let out a squeak. She kind of looked up as if to say "Great another group of drunk humans ruining my chill time".  We were all just standing there looking at the amazing evening so I  started the charge and ran into the water. It was so bright with the moon I could see my feet on the bottom.    An amazing evening!

So not even any near misses with boys but a couple of new friends and a very good time overall.