Amy Neill as 18th

Amy Neill was our good luck charm today - With her on the back we beat the Spanish for a very important win! I am not making this up - EVERYONE on the boat thinks that the win was largely because of her. They were calling to make her stay on for the second race if there was one.

Amy and Tom are here for 3 days before they go on their honeymoon cruise.

On Friday, Tom (remember owner of Nitemare) and Amy arrived and got their bearings. Last night Steve and I had drinks with them and a few other friends: Kelvin and Mary Harrap and their son Nolan, Terry and Shelley Hutchinson, Katie Pettibone, and Peter Isler. It was so good to spend some relaxed time with him and frankly I was surprised at how much more comfortable and relaxed it is with old friends than new acquaintances. In case you didn't know, Tom is fighting stage 4 lung cancer so it is courageous that they came but also I believe that his positive attitude is helping him fight. And wild crazy man - Tom Neill - is truly inspirational!