The Prada Party

So the night before racing was scheduled to start, Prada, the main sponsor of Luna Rosa hosted a very VIP party for 1500 people. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher attended and so did Chloe Sevigny along with a lot of Spanish stars and models. Of course they were all in the V-VIP room so none of us saw them, but their attendance added to the evening as there were people packing both sides of the street for a half mile before the entrance there were about 100 paparazzi when we got to the stairs. Prada rented out the Central Market. It is hundreds of years old and is a very operational market where there are hundreds of stalls selling fresh produce and meat and cheese and spices etc. etc. For this evening they took a part of it and cleaned it and carpeted it and arranged the stalls as food stations. Amongst the different stalls they had: perfume samples, Wine and cheese and jamon, Seafood with fresh sushi and piles of peeled shrimp and our favorite.... the Strawberry and pineapple stall .. . where they were turning bushels of fruit into daiquiris :-)

Of course I forgot my camera, and it was so crowded I don't think that I could have actually gotten a real picture but when we got home I made Steve take these pictures and I told him we would Photoshop them together... well I had had a few daiquiris - anyway - here they are and use your imagination.