Areva Team Skippers Conference

Here are a few pictures of us enjoying the end of a Sunny Sunday - it is amazing how much cooler it is now compared to earlier in the summer - granted it is still 75 ish in the shade - And in the shade is where Stephanie, Celine and I were playing Petanque - or Lawn Bowling if you are British or Boules if you are Italian ... Petanque usually involves Pastis (icky French liquor that many other people love?) but for us today it was sans alcohol, just a bit of fun after a good but hectic week.

We had 217 "Areva Team Skippers" on site. The Skippers are all in charge of taking the information, message and hopefully excitement of the Areva Challenge back to their home teams. Did you know that there are 58 THOUSAND employees of Areva????? SO we had a welcome party ... With an open bar (good) and not enough food (bad).... Followed by a Friday of a morning and afternoon regatta with one team member on each boat. Everyone- especially our team had a great time. The evening prize giving and BBQ at the base was a success and some (but not this) hearty souls stayed until 3:30 am!!!

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