La Scala!

We had the challenger commission meetings in Milan at the beginning of last week. The last time I was in Milan was for one of my first meetings with America True and I became friends with Luis Sanez from Prada and we toured the city including the Cathedral and towards the end of the day, we ended up outside of La Scala. Of course there were no tickets we triedto scalp them and then when that didn't' week - he said - well lets' just try to get in for free -- that didn't' work either :-)

So as soon as I knew the schedule of the meetings in Milan, I looked on the web site and found that they were performing two very 'odd' operas. One essentially Saint Suzanne was a turn of the century (2 ago:-) German Opera that was scandalous and didn't get performed for 40 years after it had been written. The other one was about Don Giovanni and his women. A little more traditional but both had a lot of death and sex.

Anyway I suggested that we shorten our dinner meetings and try to go. I had no idea that everyone would want to go but they ALL did. Even through we were in the TOP row - it was still pretty amazing. Here are some pix of Caroline Cutler and me - Sheri Clyde, John and Caroline and the 'bulk of the rest' of the commission.