Aspen Institute

I am lucky enough to be participating in an Aspen Institute Conference in Berlin.  The topic is Risk and Uncertainty: Cultural Approaches to Risk Management.  We have participants from Germany, America and Lebanon.  The conversations so far have been very interesting in talking about different perceptions of risk across cultural and social groups.  So far, at least in this group  it seems that social group is more relevant than cultural group.  The next two days we will look at this assessment of risk in different combinations as well including Gender.

The site of the conference is on a very nice island, Schwandenwerder.
We are staying at the Evangelische Akademie on the island and there were a LOT of boats out sailing yesterday on Sunday.

We also had dinner last night at the site of the Potsdam Conference at the end of the war.

Today is more conversation and a 'networking into nature' team building exercise.  It is on bikes so I am NOT sure how well I will do but for the moment we are still having coffee with this view from the Aspen Institute.  Germany is very pretty.
I found out a bit more about this island.  It was a resort island for the Nazi's and the Aspen Institute was originally the house of Hitler's Propaganda Minister - Joseph Goebbel.