Same Sex, Smoking and Sweetie

Just a few observations for today:

The California State Supreme Court has overturned a lower court ruling so now same sex marriage is allowed.  I have said all along - I believe in love so of course everyone who wants to, should be able to get married.  Hopefully this will withstand further action.
The State of Michigan's Senate has voted to ban smoking in public places. My opinion: It is about time!  Of course there is the normal spate of lobbyist saying things like 'it will kill our business and we are going to have to lay off people when we loose customers which of course is just not true and these ideas have been disproved over and over in other towns.  The casinos here also said that having a non-smoking section is good enough.  To which one 'pro ban' individual responded:  "Having a non-smoking section is like having a non-peeing section in a swimming pool"  I LAUGHED and it is true :-)
Sweetie:  By now you have probably heard about Obama not responding to a question from a senior Channel 7 reporter Peggy Agar.  She asked him "how are you going to help the American autoworkers?"  He responded "hold on  sweetie" and then laughed, walked away and didn't answer the question.  Almost instantly people are saying ... oh it is just the media that is blowing things out of proportion but I heard it the 1st time it was broadcast and had a very very strong negative reaction.  I will figure out a way to vote for him if he is the nominee but these 'true colors' are making it extremely difficult.
So there are my 'thoughts for the day'.