Bayview - Germany - Hillary -

I just realized I have not  updated the blog in a while.  There is not too much to report but here goes:

Last weekend was the Detroit Cup at Bayview Yacht Club.  I was scheduled to do commentary on Sunday and the racing started pretty much on time which allowed for one race of the semi finals to get in before a front came through with shifty 25-30 knot puffs and rain.  It was great for the spectators to see the boats capsize and the crews jumping on the keels to keep them from going all the way over but not great for match racing.  After a long wait for the winds to moderate racing was called off.  
That allowed for an earlier start time for our Mother's Day BBQ at Aunt Pris and Uncle Ron's house.  My cousin Brian was the brave/unlucky :-) one who cooked in the rain.   
This week I have been doing what I can for Hillary's campaign and also helped bag about 4000 trees for a group called "Green Michigan".   I am also obviously trying hard to find more coaching and speaking and consulting  jobs.
On Saturday I am off to Berlin to participate in an Aspen Institute conference talking about Risk and Culture with participants from the Germany, Lebanon and the US.  It should be really fascinating.