Back at the Women's Sports Foundation

Last night was the 28th annual Salute to Women in Sports! It was as always at the Waldorf in New York. This year it was just me and Steve as with the move I didn't have time to corral/convince others to go but we decided that it is more fun with a group so be ready next Fall for a weekend in NYC.

The Foundation is doing really well right now. The Sports Museum of America will open next year with the Billie Jean King International Women’s Sports Center and Hall of Fame in it. The Go Girl Go! program is on tract to introduce 1million girls to a healthy lifestyle through sports and fitness as well as stopping 1 million girls from dropping out of sports. As the current president, Amy Mullins eloquently put it: We know though research and study that Improving the lives of girls, improves the lives of women which improves the lives of families, which improves the lives of communities, which improves the lives of countries which ... improves the world! It was very cool to see everything going so well.

The stars at the dinner were Holly Hunter and Cheryl Crow and Vince "Invincible 83" Papale and of course the athletes including Angela Ruggiero who I just discovered is from about a mile away from our new house, Jackie Joyner Kersee, Monica Seles, Laila Ali and many many more. The group this year was a bit smaller but really a nice mix of 'older and younger'.

There were a few new things. First, the program only ran about 10 minutes over compared to other times when it was hours! Also at the end of the evening, all who were able went to Jay Z's 40/40 club. The interns tried to get me to dance. Evidently it half worked they said my bottom half was OK but I was way too tense on the top... oh well old dogs and new tricks and all of that :-) but I can tell you there are other athletes who can REALLY dance!