True Youth Pix

At the end of the summer we did a America True Event at India Basin in San Francisco. Here are some pictures of the kids we took kayaking and sailing. I had a whole range of 'kayaking partners' - one was so small she just wanted to lie down and drag her hands in the water and one insisted on paddling backwards. The message for the day was try new things - get fit - and enjoy the environment.

Thanks to the work of many and especially Supervisor Sophie Maxwell the power plant is closed down, no longer actively polluting and for the 1st time we could safely explore the shoreline close to the plant.
Sophie's grandkids were very proud of their Grandmother's work!

AT's executive director Dan and the Santa Cruz Hobie fleet and Pier 40 Kayaking and Norm and all of the volunteers and especially FISH. restaurant who were CLEANED out of hamburgers and hot dogs all deserve huge thank you’s for making this event happen one more year.

The smiles on the faces proove that it was a success!